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About Camille

Hey, loves! You probably already know what I do (I'm guessing that's what brought you to this page), but my name is Camille and I'm a beauty/fashion/lifestyle YouTuber. I make videos like hair dye tutorials, interestingn makeup tutorials, fashion related videos, and general lifestyle ones. You can see these videos here:

I love making these types of videos because it's a way of expression that really resonates with me. I have learned so much over the years about these topics and am bursting to share with you all. I enjoy what I do, and I definitely want to be able to do this full-time and dedicate my life to creating inspiring, helpful, or at least entertaining videos for all of my viewers.

I just decided to take a year (or semester, depending on how it goes) off from school to fully commit to my channel. The thing about online content creation is that between research, planning, creating, editing, and acquiring all of the necessary products and equipment, it takes a lot of time and money to make it all possible. That's why I decided to set up this page. With your help, I'll be able to keep producing fresh new content that I'm sure you'll love every single week, and eventually more and more often than just that!

Of course you don't need to donate anything- I want my content to be available to everyone on YouTube so it can help out as many people as possible and entertain the masses like I intended on in the beginning, but I would greatly appreciate any help that you'd be willing to give. You have no idea how much I appreciate every contribution :)

Your help will enable me to be able to get better equipment so I can increase my video quality for your viewing pleasure (I have my eye on a camera I know you're all going to love!) and eventually be able to post more frequently so you'll always have something new to watch! Now let's talk about what will be possible if I am able to reach certain goals!

*Better Quality Videos
As I mentioned above, I really want to make my videos look and sound better than they do to give you all a better viewing experience. Once I can buy some new gear, you'll be watching my videos in qualities only seen in movie theatres and it will probably make you want to cry because of how beautiful the footage is.

*More Frequent Videos

I have always dreamed of being a YouTuber who posts every single day. Unfortunately, that's extremely unrealistic, especially a channel like mine because of all of the time that goes into planning a video that will end up having hours of raw footage that takes sometimes over 15 hours to edit per video (hair dye tutorials D:) If we hit a goal high enough, I'll be able to hire an editor to help with the post-production part of the process so I can focus more on the production side and produce videos much more often.
As of right now, I find myself struggling to even post weekly like I aim to do, but with the help of an editor, I'll be able to post way more often, and give you all more of the videos you like watching!

*Cooler Stuff
With a higher budget comes a lot more flexibility. I'll be able to do pretty much whatever you want me to do in future videos like use any product that you want to see demonstrated, do experiments with whatever products you want, travel to meet up with other YouTubers you'd like to see on my channel and create something fantastic for you... the possibilities are endless! You are all such creative people and always have great ideas, and in combination with my list of over 100 video ideas, there is always something awesome waiting to happen as soon as funding makes it possible!

Patreon was created so people could support their favourite artists and enable them to continue doing what they love. I can't express how much all of your support means to me. <3

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