Raöul Halvar

is creating An Off Grid Project



About Raöul Halvar

After all the the requests to sort something like this out, I have finally got around to doing it so I hope this makes it easier for you amazing inspiring souls out there! I wouldn't be this far with out you ! 
For years I have been doing rants and exposing the country for what it is and have dedicated my life to seek truth and make a change. I wish to show people that off grid living is simple and do able and in the process show people the full extent of how far the system is willing to go in order to stop me. I have been out here since November 2017 in a tent within the boundaries of my own woodland. I have given up on the system, it has brought me nothing but darkness, but the people of this amazing world we all share, it's you guys my faith is in. If I can keep on keeping on, it's because of you. I wish to ask for not only moral support but with financial aid I can really expose the 'fuckery' for what it is. How people are treated in this country is unfair and we are constantly divided, I believe we can do better and going off grid is not only a way to leave the system but also a way to save our home. I want to be able to bring you better quality videos, show you more information and expose a lot more. To do this, I'm hoping for help. With a small amount I can keep on keeping on and my project will evolve. It already has so much!! There is so much I want to bring to your screens, and there are so many of you who have enjoyed it and learnt so much in the past few years. Just on Facebook ! As I take my place on YouTube and Blogger I hope to inspire a lot more people and reach my dreams of change. Not only for my children. But for everyone's children. As I evolve I want to share my work with you all, my produce and my projects. My goal is to be able to provide for those who are struggling and offer a place for free camps and honest wares. Giving people free eggs and jam is the least I can do !! I have always stood by two things. 
If I see it. I say it. If I say it. I do it. 
And, It's not about me, or you, it's about community and what is right. 
Lets make a change together !!
Thank you in advance :)