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Hey guys, we listened to many of you who recommended we start a Patreon page and finally done it! Remember a Patreon page is about supporting the content creators and investing in them because you enjoy the content they put out. We don't want this to become charity/fundraising kind of thing, we want Patreons because they're invested in mine and Ashleigh's lives, my health issues and enjoy the content we will continue to put out including gaming videos, vlogs, etc. - This is for those who have told us they want to help us and become a Patreon, and we are eternally grateful to those people. But we know so many of you have followed us for years and experienced through our posts and pictures the heartbreaking days we go through pretty much every week when I'm extremely unwell or have horrific injuries from a cardiac collapse, and wanted us to set up a Patreon because you wanted to help us because I'm seriously unwell and disabled. To just help but provide the option to use some finances earned on treatments for my health. So we will use any Patreon funds to ensure we are providing excellent content for you guys and ensuring I get the treatments available that will allow me to continue putting out good content for you all. Afterall, if I'm sick or dead, I can't provide new content, haha! The earnings will also go towards ensuring Ashleigh is able to receive treatments to help her relax because she is a full-time carer for me and solely deals with witnessing her fiancee unconscious and bleeding from serious head injuries numerous times a week and is entirely responsible for keeping me alive, and in just a couple of months, looking after a newborn baby as well. So earnings will be spread across new content, health treatments, Ashleigh and our newborn baby who arrives in November.

Every Patreon is rewarded for being so generous, so each tier has certain perks. Of course the higher the tier, the higher the reward.

As you may or may not know, I suffer from serious and life-threatening illness, many different ones but the most known illness I suffer with which is known and talked about worldwide is the rare cardiac issues and sudden loss of consciousness it causes at least twice a week, with no warning or symptoms meaning I collapse and often end up with serious face and head injuries. This is heavily documented in the media but also on social media where you can see the hundreds of injuries I have suffered over the years. But the real truth is I could easily die any day.

As of May 2019, there was also the announcement of our pregnancy, with our child due in November 2019. With all the issues we already face with my health, the arrival of our first child will present a new challenge, but it is nothing we fear after all we have been through. It'll all be worth it to be so fortunate to have our own child, especially given how lucky it is that I am still alive today. Patreons will be supporting us in many ways including our newborn baby.

There is a lot in managing my health but also my mental wellbeing. I’m housebound and have been for quite a few years, despite only turning 25 this year. Ashleigh is only 21 but has been caring for me and saving my life for nearly 5 years. She deals with my cardiac problems on a daily basis and the horrific injuries and state she has to see me in would shock and terrify most people. She also has to accept the entire responsibility of looking after me and keeping me alive when I do end up unconscious on the floor or have suffered a bad injury.

Patreon supporters will not only be vastly improving our lives but will allow us to invest in products that improve my safety and other things that greatly benefit my mental health and wellbeing, as well as Ashleigh's. It’ll also allow us to upgrade our tech to record better content for my YouTube channel as Vlogs and gaming content, and later down the line hiring pro's to make the content even better, which is for all of you!

Basically being a Patreon will be supporting me and Ashleigh (and soon our newborn), improving our quality of our lives and my mental health through many ways but Patreons also give me a purpose. I'm completely housebound at 25 years old, but having Patreons gives me a responsibility to ensure I put out awesome content in return for you being a Patreon. I can never work again but this can give me a reason to 'work' from the safety of my home.  But the main point and goals are to ultimately improve the content you guys see and increase the amount of content we put out. But like many creators, can only do that with the help from you guys.

  We have also launched a LIMITED time opportunity called 'Founders'.  
This means that every Patreon that joins early will have their name engraved on a personalised plaque which will go up in our house where we and guests can see the names of every Patreon who believed in us from the beginning and helped us get our content going. Not only will those who become our Patreons have their names engraved on a plaque which will also appear in future videos and vlogs, but all of those who managed to join before Founder spaces ran out will be featured in a separate YouTube video where we will read out the names of everyone who became a ‘Founder’ and thank you. You’ll also be forever known as the Founders. Years from now, people will see your name and title and realise you became a Patreon and joined our community right from the beginning of its creation. We will also send one thank you card to every ‘Founder’ who remains a Patreon for at least 3 months, regardless of what tier you are. (As long as your address can receive mail from the UK).

  Again, THIS IS LIMITED. Only a small amount of people will get this opportunity and is on a First Come, First Serve basis.   
After a certain number of people have become Patreons, we will no longer accept new Patreons as ‘Founders’. Once all spaces have been filled, we will publish a post saying that we have filled in every ‘Founders’ position and that any Patreons who join from here on will still be our Patreons, but won’t be ‘Founders’. Once the very limited number of ‘Founders’ positions are filled, we will never ever offer this opportunity again in the future. There will be only one chance in our entire history for our lovely friends, fans and followers to become ‘Founders’.

To become a ‘Founder’ today and secure your spot before spaces run out, simply become a Patreon of ours ASAP and you will secure your position. We will notify all ‘Founders’ when the ‘Founders’ opportunity is closed and give you the opportunity to vote together one what style of Plaque we will choose and we'll provide details on when the ‘Founders Thank You’ video will be live. After 3 months of being a Patreon, we will contact you for your address to send you a personal handwritten thank you card in the post.

These ‘Founders’ positions will be open until we publish a post saying they’re closed and the status below changes from   LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE   to   UNAVAILABLE  .


Thank you to everyone who becomes a Patreon. We cannot thank you enough. Please do send me a tweet if you have become a Patreon. Tweet @SamCarvalho (

From Samuel, Ashleigh and Lola (our dog) xxx
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Those who make up the first $1000 we earn will forever be written in history. The names of those who become Patreons up until we earn our first $1000 will have their names featured in a frame/engraved to go by the gaming PC either above it next to the photos of me, Ashleigh, Lola and our baby or behind me so it may be visible in the webcam of every gaming video. Another will also go somewhere in the house everyone will see so they know the names of everyone who was there at the start of our journey. You will also have your name read out in a dedicated video that will be published on YouTube where we will thank those who helped us raise our first $1000 and read the names of everyone out. Plus all the names will be tweeted out in a post on my verified Twitter account when we reach our goal.
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