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About Scott Willis

My name is Scott, I have been creating soccer and publishing soccer stats for a little over two years now. Creating soccer (football) stats is a passion (pushun) of mine and it is something that I really like to be able to share with as many people as possible.

I started doing this and publishing as much of the information as possible because finding this information was very difficult, especially compared to what was typical with American sports. I wanted the advanced stats that are becoming popular to be as accessible as possible.

Pulling the data, cleaning it and then getting it published is a time consuming process. Doing a match week of data takes approximately an hour per league and I currently collect data for the top 5 leagues in Europe. 

Becoming my patron will allow me to expand the number of leagues that I can cover and allow me to build a larger historical database. In addition I will have exclusive posts for patrons that will not be available anywhere else. If you become an Awesome person you will also have access to make requests for data, radars or anything else that you can think of!
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