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About Ohana Farms

Ohana Farms is a fictional farming corporation that focuses on making quality  YouTube videos mainly about farming related games for fun and for charity. The objective of Ohana Farms is to help in the fight against hunger where we live & visit as well as globally. We plan to do this by one-day suppling daily content to our channel in return using AD revenue from our content,  website and EVEN your donations. We will never change our objective to be self-focused, however, we have been transparent in the fact not all revenue will be donated as the fight against hunger is an ongoing project and getting the content flowing is as important as the actual funds coming in and without one, you can't have the other. 

At this point, our content is posted at a pace of 7-10 days due to real life obligations family and work. 


  • Daily Streamer/ YouTuber
  • Combat Hunger using reputable organizations that continuously fight hunger using our donations. 
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New gaming PC to create better looking content and produce faster lag free live streams.
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