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Let me start by saying thank you to you my future friend for considering becoming a Patreon detonator. It means so much that you would take the time to even click on the link enabling you to donate to my cause. That being said, lets get into the facts.

About Me:
My name is Cody Carter, i'm 26 years old and I've been gaming for 20 years. Starting off on a Snes and working my way up, PS1 followed when I was 10. A GameCube system was gifted to me at the age of 12 and PS2 and 3 came shortly after. I bought my own PS4 after Destiny 1 was released (Beat it in 2 days) and i was excited for what was next to come. When PSVR finally made its release, I jumped on it quickly! I've owned a PSVR for a year and a half now and I'm blow away by the shear immersion of the system. I'm living inside the games I've played for so many years. However, I didn't buy PSVR with the intention of keeping the experience to myself, I plan on sharing my experiences with everyone. That being said I work a full time job supporting my wife and 2 children, but my passion for gaming still remains. I strive to share my love for immersive content with you, and others like you. I wish to bring you the best gaming content I can provide, but the cost of equipment can sometime be out of my reach. However, any amount donated by you today will go towards assets allowing me to bring even more entertaining content. If you have decided to do so, let me just say. Thank you! Your donation will not be wasted and will go towards the necessary tools to bring never ending gaming experiences.  
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AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme, USB3.0 Game Streaming and Video Capture, Full HD 1080p 60fps, Ultra Low Latency, Audio Mixer Support Game Recorder (GC550)

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