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For every little measly dollar, I will give you my thanks!

I know it's not much, but words speak actions and I am always grateful for any support given!

(More Rewards will be set as more grow interested... PHYSICAL REWARDS!)




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Hello fellow Patrons!

My name is Anthony aka GW0LF, with a zero, and I am setting up this patron for the sole purpose for those that feel they would like to give donations toward my commentary!

I have played video games for many MANY years and have always been a goofball when I am or not playing video games so why not combine the two and do something entertaining! I play a variety of games so you won't be stuck watching me play DoTa or CoD all the time like your "typical gamer" stereotype.

I aim to bring great entertainment and laughter to those that come to my streams and/or watching my highlights.

If you are considering donating or becoming a patron after seeing me being my stupid self, then I thank you!
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This is just set as a stepping stone or a hurdle of many to come. This lets me know that people are interested in my antics and will let me gauge what people are looking for AND what they would like to see!
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