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Hello all!

My name is Drew, I'm 25 and I've wanted to create videos and stream for most of my life. I started out watching streamers a while back and even tried to make a couple channels of my own. As we all know, life can sometimes get in the way and responsibilities rise up. I've finally got to a good point in my life to be able to pursue my dream :) I'm wanting to do something a little different than just videos and streaming. I am wanting to start a movement of positive encouragement to help those out there that may be struggling with things in life or just need a friend to help. I know I've had some moments in my life where I needed help and I just want to create content and have a community that is dedicated to helping others. Along with any donations I receive, I will put a percentage of each donation toward a charity of that users choice or one of mine. The world needs help and more positive people, my community is going one of those groups for good!
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If I can reach a goal of $200 per month, I will be able to take my streaming and videos to the next level and dedicate more time to them. Also, a percentage of this total goal per month will go toward charity as well!
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