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  • The Health and Fitness article database
  • The Q&A Video database 

- A new article uploaded every week 

-Access to the Q&A video database. (please note that on this tier you cannot request a video answer to your questions) 

The Fitness Coaching Lab
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  • The Fitness Coaching Lab- An extensive structured video module database with short, relatable and easy to understand videos relating to all things fitness and nutrition!
    The Coaching Lab is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to set up your diet and exercise regime for the results you want! 

-The ultimate fat loss dieting guide - Video instructional's teaching you exactly how to set up and maintain your diet for sustainable fat loss

-The exercise programming guide - Video instructional's teaching you exactly how to programme your gym sessions whether it be in a gym, from home or in your local park

-The Gym-Ex guide - Video instructional's on all gym exercises and how to do them with good technique 

-The Home-Ex guide - Video instructional's on all home based exercises to ensure a killer home workout

-The HIIT database - A vast database of exercises (over 200) and a video instructional guide on how to build your very own HIIT workouts with fun movement patterns and innovative timing structures 

-The Q&A video Database- Videos that answer the most commonly asked questions relating to health, fitness and nutrition. Ask your own questions and have them answered by Ollie. 

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  • Full access to the Fitness Coaching Lab
  • `Remote Personal Training from Ollie-

(Please only subscribe to this tier if you're serious about making changes to your lifestyle) 

-All your dietary and exercise needs set up and monitored by Ollie 

-Private Whatsapp convo with Ollie to ask anything you need to know about your diet and exercise programme

-Weekly Online chat with Ollie to discuss progress and modifications needed to your diet and exercise programme

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It's a big stretch, but if I can get 100 people onboard, I'll take time out to create full video fitness classes via our online community!
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