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*Viewer discretion is advised, content geared towards teens or older, consult a parent or guardian if under 18. Content includes coarse language accompanying violent and/or gory gameplay*

Well I am a whole clusterfuck of labels such as hardcore gamer, counter-culture, retro, etc. I am all about forging my own path, smashing through obstacles & reaching new heights.

I love cutting loose on games without all the hand holding bullshit that's been smuggled into games to give players a false sense of achievement. Creating bullet art, spelling words with bodies & covering an area in blood splatters or scorch marks to me are my favorite ways to express myself artistically within games. What can I say, I stared death in the face & it twisted me but I love the wabi-sabi quality I obtained.

So you can help me with this brutally obscene journey of over the top gameplay encapsulated entertainment by contributing financially, which in turn would allow me to hire contractors or buy new software/hardware in order to make better videos. Hell, you can join me if you want but seats on this crazy train is limited but as this picks up speed I'll tack on a few railcars. A portion of what I make is donated to the Extra Life charity.
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When we reach 25 patrons the server for conan will be put up. The server will run on a feudal system where plots of land & lordship can be purchased.

Lords can bring in one friend to start who will be their thrall, the lord gets their own land & the thrall if their lord deems so may get land right next to their lord. As the server expands lords will be able to amass armies, forge alliances & wage war upon each other. A yearly war event will be arranged at some point for a great reward.
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