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About Omar Baddar

Welcome to my Patreon page, I’m Omar Baddar.
We live in turbulent times, with unusual threats to justice, human rights, to democracy, and potentially even to the very survival of human civilization.

And it is critical that we engage in honest, informed discourse to overcome these challenges.

Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of discourse we have today. We live in a post-truth environment promoted by political leaders who are allergic to facts, and a fake outrage culture manufactured by click-baity mass media and partisan hacks who benefit from keeping us misinformed and divided.

The videos I produce are an effort to clarify the reality on some of the most misrepresented and controversial issues we face, & to push back on the confusion, the intellectual dishonesty and divisive propaganda that’s dominating the public debate. It’s a way to reaffirm that even in a so-called post-truth world, facts still matter, and progress towards a better world is still possible.

The topics cover a wide range: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, American media, foreign policy, religion and secularism, climate change, what the “intellectual dark web” gets wrong, and many other areas.

With your help, I can produce these videos more frequently, and you can have more access and input into their making. Thank you for your support!

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