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Did I mention eternal gratitude? Because holy crap will you have that!




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Yo! Inutsu here, if you're looking at this it means you're awesome enough that you're considering donating to help make On The Shelf Gaming the best it can be! 

We're on Patreon because I feel like it's the best place available to give our viewers a chance to support us while also offering a clear idea of what we're able to offer in return. We fully understand that we can't really offer enough to match the graciousness of our supporters but we'll do our best!

In the short term every penny will go directly back into the show. That means things like upgrading our equipment, acquiring new stuff that'll help us make new types of videos (for instance I've been looking into cheap video cameras so we can start doing more/better/ live action stuff), as well as games to play on the show!

In the long term we hope to save enough that creating videos can become a full-time gig. Obviously this is a bit of a pipe dream but hey we may as well shoot big :P

Yes! Regardless of if you decide to support us or not we'd like to thank you for taking the time to view this page. We couldn't do this at all without people like you and it means a lot that you'd even consider donating.
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If we reach this Inutsu will be able to afford his monthly subscription to the WWE Network!

Note: Money won't actually be used on WWE Network :P
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