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Great Listeners will be given the power to send in a topic for us to cover on the show. We hope we'll get to them all and that we get some great topics! 

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Fantastic Listeners has the same power as the Great ones but with a small edge, when we get to your topic we'll give you a personal shout-out as well, it can even be a shout-out to someone special, like your parents, friends or your secret lover. No matter who it's for we'll give either you or them a Fantastic shout-out. 

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Hope you'll want to join us on the show. If you don't that's fine, you'll still be an amazingly fantastic listener in our hearts!




Hi, welcome to our Patreon page! We're two friends (David & Bachir) who love to talk about movies, tv shows and a lot of other nonsense. So we decided to create our very own Podcast called One Does Not Exclude The Other. It's a long name, we know, but we like it and we're going to keep it. So if you love movies and to talk about them just like we do then this is a podcast just for you. We hope you'll enjoy our little show and maybe (just maybe) help it grow!
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We love doing the show but we do it on our free time, that's when we're not working or spending time with family. So help us earn a little bit of money at first and we'll see if we can build a great community of people and maybe, just maybe we'll be able to do this full time one day. But for now our goal is small and simple to see what we can build together with some awesome film fans! 
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