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Hi! Thanks for checking in on me!

My name is Ken Jelinek and I’m currently in real estate here in Anchorage, Alaska.

I’m introducing myself - and maybe even re-introducing myself - because I could use your help. You see, real estate is a tough business as it is. But now, technology has changed everything and I'm finding that I need to reinvent myself almost annually just to be competitive! Even much more so, if I ever want to successfully change my career and the trajectory of it to this more creative, artistic side of me. But most importantly, I need to re-engage and reinforce connections with friends, family, community, and even strangers around the country. And so, welcome to my Patreon page! =)

Disclosure: I’m somewhat of an early adopter of new things if I see their potential. Which will explain some of my goofy, and TERRIBLE, but fun, YouTube videos from many years ago. You may find them if you Google my name online.

So I’ve launched a 3-pronged Plan of Attack against obscurity. With this “blueprint” of sorts, and with this Patreon page, I’m inviting you to get involved with me in either of these 3 ways - real estate, creative content, or philanthropy! Be it, giving from your heart through my GoFundMe page, supporting my “creative content” through this Patreon page, or hiring me for your real estate business and referrals through my website,

The 3 Prongs...

1st)   I’ve launched this crowdfunding page here on Patreon. Here, I create my “exclusively me" content and add "art" to concepts and perspectives that I, and my supporters, believe in. And then deliver it to the world. I do this online, on paper, and in person. I see myself delivering this through ebooks, podcasts, webinars, whiteboard animation videos, interviews, speaking engagements, and clever public promotions. My passions are in helping people rise up as individuals, learning their destiny, living their dreams, and bringing out the best in people. I’m also passionate about real estate and people's homes. So, ask me more about that if you’d like.

2nd)   I’ve launched a donation page on GoFundMe. This is where people with a big heart can simply give, donate, share, and help out - in the goodness of their big hearts. Now, if you’ll work with me on it, I’ll explain convincingly why your giving towards my success really is a really good idea for BOTH of us.

3rd)   This prong is my fave! It’s really just a supercharged, modernized, tweaked, evolved, comprehensive, good old fashioned, back to basics real estate marketing campaign through my website, This strategy isn't asking for anything from you except for your business, referrals, testimonials, and word of mouth reviews. Whether you’re buying, selling or investing in houses, condos, rentals, or land - anywhere in the country. I want to build friendships and relationships and not just chase the dollars. Buying and selling a home is a really big deal. For most people, it’s the most important transactions in their lives. I feel you shouldn’t be just another “next” on anyone’s overly frantic high volume conveyor belts.

After meeting the financial obligations for me and my loved ones, I’m totally “giving back” to help others. Often times, even when I have very little to give. But the greatest philanthropists say that giving even just a little bit is required just to get the mojo and keep it going!

Either way, this all clearly identifies my “Mission Statement” regarding business and life. So, won’t you join in? We both NEED it. Call me, let’s do this thing!  =)

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