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As little as you may think this is, you are helping keep a roof over my head and food on the table. I am truly thankful for the support.

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3 games a week - If we are chilling or just relaxing in some quickplay? Feel free to chime in and get some games! 

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1 weapon selection a month - Once per month pick a weapon of your choice where we will attempt our absolute best with the weapon and upload it to the channel. Title of the vid will have patreons name in it.   - note all previous tier perks included    




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Looking to improve as a player? Get some games or support me directly? Well look no futher, patreon is the best place for all of those!

Here we offer services that are aiming to improve the experience of the community members willing to go thee extra mile. Our patreon is not a requirement but a way to give back to those willing to support! (NOTE SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY ONLY OFFERED ON XBOX & PS4)
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