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For pledging $1, you get access to news and updates on OneTruePatch before anyone else! You'll also get access to sketches, inks, vectors and any other manner of WIP for upcoming designs! You'll know what we're working on, when we're working on it! We thank you for your contribution and support!
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For pledging $5, you will receive a sticker of each design we create that you back during the month! If your pledge caps early and you would prefer a sticker of a later design, just let us know which you'd like!
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For pledging $10, you will receive the patch you supported mailed to you! Like with the stickers, if you do not support all designs in a month, you are free to pick the amount you did pledge out of the available designs!




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What is OneTruePatch?

OneTruePatch is a Storenvy and Etsy!

OneTruePatch is an effort to make custom patches that allow people to show their love for shows, movies, games, comics and more on any clothing or fabric item they choose! For years fans have been restricted to a small selection of patches or pre-made clothing items, usually bearing just the logo of the series, and we feel that a more personalized touch is needed to really show how you enjoy your media!

The company itself is a small start-up of self-managed and self-taught artisans operating out of their home. Our designs are made with passion and care, from sketch to stitch.

What does 'OneTruePatch' mean?

The name of our line comes from the phrase 'one true pairing' or OTP which is a common way for fans to refer to the relationship they appreciate the most in a story. Our patches are generally made facing one way or another so that fans can buy matching pairs that look at each other to represent their OTP. In the future, we will also be selling heart patches to fully express fans' intended meaning, including patches for OT3 for three-way relationships, plus patches to string together the perfect poly relationship and aro/ace colored hearts for clear understanding. OneTruePatch is about expressing your feelings at a glance and being able to proudly show off your OTP.

What will my money contribute toward?

At present, OneTruePatch is operated in the evenings and on weekends due to the members having other jobs that pay the bills during the normal Mon-Fri work week. Our campaign runs as a per-design pledge to help make supporting us more worthwhile to you! We often go through dry spells of being too busy to release new designs, so a per-design pledge helps you earn more rewards comparable to the amount of work we put in!

The funds themselves go toward compensation for time and effort put into drawing, vectoring, digitizing and testing new designs as well as the cost of subscription-based programs (namely Adobe Illustrator and StitchEra Universal) and materials for testing and prototyping. The retail price of the patches includes the materials used to make them and the time it took to stitch them out but fails to address the back-end costs at present as to keep them affordable. It also helps to cover lost materials in the case of a prototype or patch that fails to meet our standard for sale.
$11 of $30 per Design
By earning $30 per design, we are earning enough that each of our designs is 'paid for' by our patrons! It takes between 2-3 hours to draw, vector, digitize and test a design. By earning this much per design, it's as if we earned a wage for our work, regardless of whether or not it becomes a best seller. This ensures that we are able to do the characters, series and designs that we want to do instead of just focusing on the profit we'll make from the sales!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts

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