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As a Chibi, you get:

  • VIP Access: Access to my work-in-progress updates about bigger projects. Now posting 2+ times per week!
  • The Vote: Every month, I put up a poll with 3 or 4 projects I want to work on between commissions. The following month, I work on the winner. Help me choose who to bring to life!
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As a Princess Chibi, you get:

  • VIP Access (see $1 tier)
  • The Vote (see $1 tier)
  • Mane & Tail Pattern: At the end of each month, I will digitise and distribute the mane and tail pattern for one of my chibis. You can modify the pattern or sell the result! The pony will be chosen by poll exclusive to Princess Chibis and above.




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About Violet Rose

My name is Violet Rose, and I am a plushie maker with roughly 5 years of sporadic experience. I work primarily in the My Little Pony fandom, but I am far from exclusive.

Making plushies is fun, but incredibly time consuming. Even when our works sell for hundreds of dollars, many crafters make well below minimum wage. Patreon allows me to take a little breathing room away from the commission mill, so that I can take time to experiment, innovate, and share what I learn with all of you! A small sample of my posts are public so that you can get a taste of what I'm doing, and what you'll be able to see if you join me.

I love talking about plushies, so I am always happy to answer questions or just chat. I am hoping to connect to other aspiring seamsters/seamstresses, plushie fans, and those who simply want to watch their favourite characters come to life!

Your rewards can be claimed at any time, no matter how late in the month you sign up :)

Current Project Poll here
$6 of $20 per month
At $20 per month, I would be able to buy and test a wide variety of patterns, not just ponies, which would open up all kinds of options for Patron-voted projects!
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