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My name is Nikolay Aleksiev and my moto is "Change the world or be changed by the world".

I am a really positive and energetic person, and I really try to respect everything. It doesn't matter if it is food, person, tree or whatever. 

My main mission is to make the world a better place and to spread positiveness and smiles! My religion is love! 

I have lots of ideas how to do it, but I need time and money. I am trying to do everything on my own, but it takes ages and this is why I thought someone will support my ideas here! 

My main ideas are to work hard in order to become a music producer, have my own workshops for music, homemade stuff from already used things which are most likely going to be recycled (such as music instruments, decorations, helping tools and etc.), spiritual, health, body, food and better lifestyle, peace and consciousness, and a lot more! I have bought a loopstation and a monitor speaker to practice with, but the time I have after work is not enough. I have also started doing useful handmade things from scrap and etc. Last, but not least is that I have learned a lot through my experience in life and I am confident of doing workshops, seminars and everything that can help others develop themselves in what they really want! 

In my opinion it is really important to help people do what they want to and to inspire them to be better than the day before in every single way! 

I really hope you smiled at least once and I apologise that I cannot explain all of my ideas, but I really maybe have to write a book, haha 😁! (this is also one of my ideas!) 

What I can assure my patrons is that I'm going to be really transparent and share every step I make. I will also send you gifts, such as my music (when I have some), my photos (I am an amateur photographer), my texts and handmade things that I make! So my patrons can choose from a lot of gifts! 

Thank you! 

Keep smiling! 
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My first goal is to reach 1000£ a month, in order to have some free days off work and be able to spend my time only producing stuff. I was going to set a lot lower target, but then I remembered what Bruce Lee said about the targets and achieving them! ("A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.") 
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