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About Matthew Hinchen


My name is Matthew Hinchen and I am a 20 year old Journalism Student from Brisbane, Queensland. I've decided to come to Patreon because I believe it's one of the best ways to get my digital journalism career started. I am the host of the OnintheBackground podcast which is a weekly show that covers news, pop culture, politics and everyday life. 

What I love about the podcast is it helps to create an interactive experience with my audience that allows me to talk about things people want to hear as well as helping others in refining their arguments or views on certain issues. I think Patreon is a great way for me to help my audience in their own debates as well as being able to support me in making bigger and better episodes.

I appreciate any support that you can give me here.

Kind regards

~Matthew Hinchen, OnintheBackground Podcast
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This next goal is to buy a green screen to go along with the webcam. This is purely for a more visually pleasing experience and to be able to make face to face interviews with my guests (Mainly my girlfriend). 
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