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  •  General Work in Progress & Behind the Scene Photos.
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  • Tutorials & Educational Crafting Videos with access 2 weeks before the posting on Youtube!
  •  Exclusive and extensive Videos, Blogs, WIPS, & BTS on projects.
  • Patreon Livestream once a month of costume crafting and Q&As. Livestream will consist of 1-2 hours, discussion from anything to crafting, cosplaying, comics, Q&As, Personal crafting help, etc. Will usually take place during the middle of the month.




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About OohDeeryDesigns


     My name is Fawn and I'm a costume engineer who has been costuming for almost 10 years. I consider myself a 'costume engineer' because I'm not exclusive to sewing. I adore construction work and it's fascinations of making the impossible possible. I like to expand my creativity and dabble in other works such as general fabrications, programmings, and anything else that may help an idea come to life. I hope to share as much information I can with other people who enjoy costuming and construction as much as I do. I very much love to teach and like to contribute tips and advice for cosplayers/costumers who want to expand their knowledge within this amazing crafting community!

     With this Patreon I hope to make it possible to produce content that will assist other cosplayers/costumers and will benefit them! Support from fellow Patrons allows myself to apply more time to create content such as tutorials, educational crafting videos, and personal assistance, from the very beginner to the advance. For learning is a treasure that I wish to share. Work in Progress and Behind the Scene shots, extensive blog posts, project vlogs, along with other content are what I plan to use to help cosplayers/costumers learn about costuming and overall construction. I believe that absolutely anyone can cosplay or construct, it is a fun hobby that help people get creative and connect with others.

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Thank you for your time and I very much appreciate your generosity if you choose to support me!

Happy Crafting!


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Ah, the first milestone is always so hard to choose! There are so many goals I wish to complete!~ I can't wait to kick off to a great start!~
The $100 milestone is to help bring forth supplies to help create more content!~ Supplies can get pricy, but we can't craft without them! With your help we can get the show on a longer and clear crafting path!
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