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So for supporting me, I'll take time out of school in order to draw something based on what my abilities and what you want. Be sure to e-mail me or somehow get a hold of me in so that I know what you'd like and I'll get on producing it as quickly as I can! Maybe after each month I'll do you a new one if the old one is not your style anymore. I'd prefer to not get overloaded though ^^;
per drawing.
I have decided to take looks into 3D modeling software so now I might even take time out to make you a character of your choice if you'd like :3




per drawing.

About Oprimous

Hey guys! So I know my art kinda looks a bit lame but hey, I love doing them for people and if you like, I'll do some for you! Once I find a company that can, I'll even start producing some as stickers so you can have your drawings ANYWHERE! How awesome would that be!? Also if you do pledge, be sure to leave a comment letting me know whatcha want ;p
$9 of $100 per drawing.
So here's the thing yo. I need money for college like mad crazy and in order to be able to afford the stuff I need to make videos as I am actually an Audio/Video Technology student and am studying to become a director so in order to pay for the cameras and studio materials like the crazy computer my teacher showed me I'll need like lots of money. He says it took him like three years of his teaching pay to afford it so I'm like super scared and scrappin' cash. Not to mention like food costs and I sometimes might even stream games but in order to do that I'll need to buy the games. Long story short, I hope you guys can deal with like these tiny goals, I'm making them small so I can like make sure I can manage them. Not to mention I might make a giant drawing include all my patrons and I in like an 80's freeze frame or something :3
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