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Welcome to the Storm Shelter.

I'm a new streamer looking to share some of my wild moments in gaming with all of you. Often lacking a filter, sometimes mute, but always with a plan and offering a chance for some laughs.

My name, "Orbit Storm", if you're wondering, dates back to my Ultima Online days where I've spent the last decade developing emulation software and creating communities on the foundation of that software. It started out as just another character name that rose to prominence as being the leader of one of the largest in-game guilds but eventually evolved into an identity of its own when I transitioned into the emulation scene. From time to time, my streams may involve gameplay and/or a glimpse into just what developing a UO emulation server entails or just gentle ramblings about my history with Ultima Online. I'm a nerd and definitely a UO fanboy.

You'll find that most of my content will be centered around a small gaming community that a few friends and I have built together, named "Infamous Omen". As such, almost all of my streams are done while in Discord with these guys but it also affords you, the viewer, the opportunity to interact with all of us and put together your #SquadGoals list.

My current schedule limits me to late-night streams, generally from 10pm-1am but I hope to improve that in the near future.

I'm also working on expanding channel features and special perks for longtime viewers, subscribers, and patrons.

I can't stress enough how new I am to this so please be patient as I evolve as a content creator. 
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