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About OrdinarilyGaming.

Hello There! YES, You!!!

I am a new Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator (I know, I know, so is everyone else these days). I am not particularly good at games, but that doesn't stop me from loving to play them. I recently started playing them more and decided to stream and create a YouTube to share my experiences with you all (as well as provide a mechanism for stress). I know streamers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but I like to think that I am somewhat different than the norm (and perhaps slightly funnier) :P.

I hope you like my content. If you checkout my Twitch and YouTube channel, the type of content I create should speak for itself. However, in case you don't think it does, I'll say it's shit with a purpose. Legit shit. My videos are shit. But I'm learning. If you would kindly like to support me, it would be much appreciated but it is definitely not necessary! Also, for those wondering, yes I do swear this much while playing - my channels are overall NOT kid friendly. Thank you for the consideration (as I know you have a lot of streamers to chose from). Determining who to donate your hard earned money to...is a difficult task. Money is not easy to come by nowadays (my bank account balance should know lol) so spend it wisely and only donate what you can realistically afford!

In all seriousness, I really appreciate the time you took to read this all (assuming you did) and if you do end up donating, thank you so so much for the donation! 

Happy Streaming!

As always,
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Hey guys!

Looking to improve my audio with a new pair of headset for my PS4/PC. Currently using an old PS3 headset that doesn't produce the greatest quality of sound and makes me have to sit supppperrrrrrr close to the TV! Looking at the Astro A10 for a new headset (someone in a chat on Twitch recommended it). Price in the goal section is in CDN and includes the taxes spent (if my shitty math is correct). Thanks so so much for contributing!
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