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Hi, my name is Radek Petráš and I am czech stand-up comedian and ordinary guy... 

I have started studying drugs at early age of 15. My dad was a social alcoholic. He had never drunk home alone, but also had never said "no" to any of his friends to drink a booze. My mum had spent 12-15 hours a day at work. My mum was workaholic. My brother used to smoke 10 joints a day. My bro was ganjaholic. I told myself back then: It is not about that any drug or activity is fundamentally bad. It is the destructive behavior itself - Addiction is interesting topic.
So I have started to read everything related to drugs and addiction. 

Ordinary czech guy is project about cannabis.

I have always tried to make people around me educated about drugs. But if you want to be objective, you have to be in the middle. 

My life path is on the edge: "I am trying to educate people that drugs are not the problem itself, but also I am trying not to glorify them as magical universal cure for everything."

The project Ordinary Czech Guy is about that. I will speak about positive and also negative sides of drugs and I have started with Cannabis. I am going to do 7 videos about cannabis. 

First one is done. Me and my friends have spent literally hundreds of hours to spread this message. Thanks to:

Jan Kolegar - animation
Ondřej Kalužák - music
Ondřej Pokorný - camera
Karel Salay - edit
Martin Krajíček - sound
Alžběta Jirásková - English consultant
and many friends who gave us valuable reviews...

We will thank you for any help and support to continue with this project. 

$0 of $420 per month
When I reach 420 dollars. I will start to work on second part of the "Rolling is" videos with my colleagues.  

Ordinary Czech Guy - Rolling is old.

It would be about whole history of cannabis till today. We will try to do our best to entertain and educate as well as in the Rolling is Art 
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