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About Sinergy

What is your gaming history?


  • From the age of 6 I was playing D&D with my family and I was that guy that had the PH and DMG memorized and would correct the DM. As I grew up I realized it's more about the fantasy and fun than the rules.

Warcraft 2/Diablo 2/Starcraft

  • Started out on games like Warcraft 2 BNE and Starcraft and big love of Diablo 2. Would have many LAN parties in highschool playing those games.


  • Played a little bit of EQ1 when i joined the navy but didn't get addicted to any MMO's till EQ2. I played EQ2 for 12 years both Hardcore raider killing avatars to semi casual to eventually casual on the Time Lock servers. In EQ2 I botted my own raid team of 12-24 people using 3rd party botting software known as Ogre and Isx it was pretty awesome but I missed the community aspect.
  • When DBG killed our TL server I joined my wife in WoW. Have been playing for about a year now and I love it. There is so much to explore and see.


  • Now I just 5 man WoW when not grouping with the guildies and was able to do up to +8s in legion depending on affixes.
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When I reach 100 Patreons I will get my wife to start streaming with me
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