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Get your download copy a week early! Then when the album comes out, you get an a signed cpoy of "All Or Nothing" in your mailbox. Double bonus!! 

"All Or Nothing" Party Pack!
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Have you ever wanted to party with Osiris and Wreck the System? Now is your chance! In addition to getting an eary download and signed CD, you'll also get a ticket to our "All Or Nothing" release party! Date, time, location are TBA, but keep an eye out in our announcements for more details!  




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About Osiris Green

I've always done everything possible to live my dream and achieve my goals. I've dropped out of school, quit jobs, relocated, slept on couches, and even ended relationships. But I'm getting to a pivotal point in my life where if this doesn't work, I'm going to walk away from my dreams to focus on making money and survival. This is why the album title "All Or Nothing" fits so perfectly. This is my all or nothing moment.
My whole life has been leading up to this moment, and I am giving EVERYTHING I have to make it a success and my dreams a reality. The strategy is to have the album complete before 2019 with the release date will be sometime late January 2019. During the release, we will be spending a lot of time and energy traveling and performing to promote the project. All of these things need funding, and, after doing the math, it cannot be done on the level it needs to be on to be successful without your help. My album goal is to sell at least 5,000 physical copies and to have over 50,000 streams in 3 months with your help. Your pledges will help us tour, print the albums, and make cool goodies for you all!

Where are your pledges going?

  • Poster Printing- $150 (50 Qty)
  • Shirt Printing - $225 (50 Qty)
  • Tour Costs (gas, lodging, fees)- $1500
  • Album Printing - $500 (200 Qty)
  • Patreon fee - $125

What do I get out of this?

We have 6 reward packs for you guys!
1st: The Early Listener Pack
Get your tunes a week earlier than everyone else with this pack by getting a digital download of the album a week before it drops!
2nd: The Double Bonus Pack
Get the early download AND a signed CD of "All Or Nothing" delivered directly to your mailbox!
3rd: The Party Pack
Our parties get pretty wild, so prepare yourself cause you're coming to party with us. This reward pack includes the digital download, the CD, and a ticket to the album release party. We're still looking for a space able to handle how wild we'll get, so stay tuned for a date, time, and place!
4th: The Poster Pack
We know you've been looking for the perfect poster to decorate your place, so we decided to help you out. If you get this reward pack, you'll get your very own SIGNED Osiris Green poster in addition to all the goodies from the previous reward packs. We'll also give you a shoutout on BOTH Osiris's and his group Wreck The System's social medias. You're about to get real popular online, friend.
5th: The Swag Pack
It's time for all the goodies: an early download, a signed CD, a ticket to our party, a signed poster, social media shoutouts, and an exclusive Osiris Green t-shirt! You'll be to show off to the the whole word how cool you are with all this swag.
6th: The Personal Pack
Not only do you get all the goodies from the other packs, you'll also get two extra special things. You'll get digital downloads of unreleased Osiris Green music AND a digital meet and greet with Osiris. Fire up your Google Hangouts and get ready to meet the man behind the music!
Let's make "All Or Nothing" a reality, guys! With your help, we can do it!
(Below are a few defining moments with my team, in the studio, and enjoying my journey so far.)

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"When I reach $2500 per month, I will make a music tour.
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