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About Otaku4ever113

Hey there and welcome to my patreon!
My channels name may be Otaku4ever113 but real name is Rosalie Kuut.

At the moment I am a third-year Game Artist student at Media College in Amsterdam.
I am 18 years old and I’m passionate about drawing and animating.

As a small child I always liked to draw. As soon as I saw cartoons on tv, I asked myself how I could create animations like that. My mission is to entertain people and to make them happy with the art that I make, so they don’t have to think about the things anymore that make them unhappy. I am already doing this via my Youtube Channel.

Other than animation I also like to do 2D art, like character design. I have my own style and that is a kind of a cartoon style which you can also use in games. I change it sometimes but that depends on the animation or art I want to make.

One of my other interests that can be pretty useful is that I write my own fantasy stories that can be used in games or in animations. I also am really interested in creating characters while animating stories for those characters, so their lives and worlds become true. I also am very social and am able to work in groupprojects.

I am always open for new projects; it doesn’t matter what kind of projects. If you want more information or want to ask me something else, feel free to send an email to this address: [email protected]

What I want to try to do with this patreon is to get support from my fans that want to help me get better at 2D art and animation to become a great Game Artist.

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