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Well, I'll be completely honest, I'm here because I need your help to fund my video projects. Like most of you guys, I have the 9-5 typical societal slave job, and I've been content with that for some time now. However, now that I am into my older 20's i'm starting to realize how miserable it is. For years now, I've been into gaming, anime, and nerd culture in general. I drew many anime pictures for fun, read many manga, play many Japanese made games, and knew that I would like this stuff for years to come. Doing these things never really was enough though. Going online or out in public to find kindred spirits was always something that was fun and important for my sanity against the cruel mistress that is life.
One day I took a microphone, a light, some friends, and a camera to the SXSW Gaming Expo for fun. I talked to many people of course, but what really made it all worth the effort, was being able to talk to several indie game developers. Edited the footage and posted it on my just started YouTube channel. Though the view count of that video has to this day barely breached 200, I still knew that from then on I knew I wanted, and had, to keep doing this. Talking to people about what I love is what I've always wanted to do. That's why I am here today. I need help from those who've seen my work and enjoy it. I still gotta keep my slave job at the moment, but my hope and dream is to one day be discovered by someone who takes my work as seriously as I do and become something better. I need your help to make that happen. Your contributions will go to assisting me with getting better equipment, getting into conventions and events so I can film them for you, miscellaneous stuff live travel money and nourishment/sleep accommodation for said events, and of course prizes for giveaways and contests.
I am forever humbled by your help, and of course I take any ideas or advice seriously. This content is mostly for your enjoyment anyway.   
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Ikkicon!!! Hello everyone. My goal is currently 300 for this con. The convention is the 30th of December- January 1st, and I plan to film and interview the fine folks who attend this convention, but naturally filming with a crew, admissions, food and drink, gas etc. can take up more than what we can afford on our own, so I humbly request your help.
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