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Hi! My name is Randy Griffith and I hate drawing hands, and that is all. Do you want more, aren't you being a little greedy?! Well fine, I hate drawing fingers too. Happy?! Still not enough? Apparently, so if you are still reading. Okay. Well I am in my mid-twenties and I only just got my letter to Hogwarts. I had to apologize to the school letting them know that already gotten a Bachelors in Business Studies and was seeking to do a Bachelors in Law and Hogwarts is the most dangerous place ever. They didn’t take that well but what are they going to do, curse me, don't they know I live on an island surrounded by a force-field of awesome beaches, sand and sun. I love my little paradise even though it infested with serpents: Red women. The scourge of the black race. Not really black not really white, but a Frankenstein of heartbreak and desire. I love them. Someone ask me what inspired me to make this comic, and I replied what didn’t.
Sincerely, Me.
P.S. The Running Joke is this comic has no powers, no aliens or crazy LSD tripping color with over-the-top artistic pieces set in deep motifs. No, Out of Sanity is stoutly grounded in the mundane, day to day grind of being a budding adult in college within the West Indies and I think that fucking hilarious.
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