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I am a the first Aid for the players by the players. Gaining my athletes resources, exposure and training i plan to level the worldwide playing field and open opportunities to my players, teams and organizations that we touch. Every single donations and ounce of support financially and emotionally is greatly appreciated. I'd like to change the world starting with football and branching out to other sports and bring it all together through media, clothing, and networking with all of our family members worldwide. 
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I will be able to Hire:

Media Crew ( Editor, Camerman, Anchor, News and Media crew)

Operations ( Shipping manufacturing and Camps)

R & D ( Reach into other fields an provide sponsorships with major brands and bring the top gear to you at the lowest price possible )

Training and Development ( To hire the best Coaches and staff to develop our Youth athletes worldwide as well as the pro teams)

Travel & Expenses ( Since i operate worldwide i don't want to limit these opportunities to one place, so the ability to go around the world and stay for as cheap as possible and find the true hidden gems in the world as well as get amazing footage of our athletes, culture and events going on in the world. 

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