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About OverlordJC


My name is JC and this is my Patreon!

I'm currently a freelance Artist always on the grind! My specialties are concept art, illustration, and animation, but I also have skill working in 3D. I love RPGs of all kinds, fighting games, good game music, animation, cartoons, and comics. I've had the fortune of working with many talented creators on projects like Cryamore and amazing companies like Autodesk, Lab Zero Games, and UDON Entertainment.

This Patreon

I'd like to use this Patreon to share breakdowns of my work to help others learn what I know and use that to make their own awesome artwork. I feel like anyone can become a great artist if they have the heart for it.

You can watch me work live on Twitch as well!

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read and for your support!
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