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is creating Tabletop game content, in digital and physical 3D and 2D formats

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I'm a freelance CAD Designer, currently specializing in Tabletop Models and 3D Printing.
I mainly work for private producers and third party mini companies at the moment.

I also support the Battletech, Warhammer and D&D communities creating official and homebrew infographics, PDFs and content.

I've come to Patreon for the same reason as everyone else - need to pay the bills, but want to be able to pursue more projects for the sake of doing them.
With your help, I can do that and expand the catalogue of what's available, and potentially take on more interesting projects.
$2 of $65 per month
At $65 a month I will be able to take some extra personal time to start work on Dropship models in 1:285 Mech scale and 1:1200 Map Scale versions.
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