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This subject is not going to change the world by or in itself. But it will give those who approach the subject in the future less straws to grab at and more definite conclusions of what is right and what is wrong. Until said study is completed the argument will continue.

it was the 27th November 1997 that i first witnessed a phenomena which lead me on this journey. A cold northern front swept over Ireland. What started out as a mild interest in the cycles of weather patterns quickly grew into something so overwhelming that it is today a great part of my life and a great part of my conviction to help others to understand.

It also drives me to try to convince more people to study physics,  for physics will set us all free. 

What bothers me most about this subject is the total lack of physics educated beings on this planet. It makes the point of where to begin, what to write, when to say each bit that matters more difficult. The logic may not be acceptable to all.

did people exist in the past for whom the real meaning of the bible was obvious and hardly required explaining? Absolutely.
. In the scale of something like the sun, time is a storm of physical mass. A year on the sun lasts 2500 earth years , some cycles last 90 earth years, Wolf Gliessbergs, other storms rage and die every 33 earth years.
The amazon river levels track precisely a 33 year cycle ...
And what if you look at the sun as a source of all energy? What if you see the sun as the elemental force behind every atom and molecule. The glue that binds gravity.
Newton collated data from all over the world before he wrote Principia, Einstein worked in a patent office before he wrote his theories on relativity.

For me I was in a place called Ireland with access to data from a satellite called soho and i stumbled up on information  i regarded as too important not to share.  But and this is where you come in.  I have been met with some obstacles,  namely that for this new information to be really taken seriously i must write my own principia ,  and that for me will take investment. 

The information I have is nothing new, it is built from the pursuits of thousands of others who have studied silently in their little rooms. Many in the recent past have confirmed most of what i have to say. With thanks to Nasa/ESA, who unleashed data about our star over the past decade. Whats new is our ability to prove it using the principals of solar dynamics and electromagnetic forces.
Freud called it libido, the essence of life. The cause of trust, the cause of crusade, The igniter of dreams.
For fourteen years i have collated data, streamed and screened thousands of hours of solar imagery. Conducted social experiments and studied the art of explaining. Cause this will take some explaining.



When I started to be able to predict snow fall three years in advance and earthquakes from 23 days prior it started me thinking about other subject matter. What other processes would be effected by the wave amplifications. What about humans.

I called this other subject matter on the study of thought, “Earthquakes of the mind”. The relationship between relativity and human behavior. The historical context of war with relation to solar activity and the position of planetary bodies (extraterrestrials) . If you can imagine me as someone who never gave a second thought to astrology … I knew I was a Taurus I mean who doesn’t. But that moment of discovery where I could quantify in realistic logical terms what was wrong/right with astrology. That day I will remember for the rest of my life fondly.
In the past 10 years I have worked on internet websites producing evidence and pleading with people to try to understand that which ails them. To show the correlation between war and lulls in solar activity. I have done this in my free time for free.
Over the years I received the most compelling messages from people who had lost their faith in the world, and when you receive a message from several people saying that you stopped them from committing suicide or satisfied their own suspicion it is more than inspiration to continue the work, continue informing others.

So that is where i am,  never ever having had funding  I just feel responsible to continue,  to try every avenue  to give me the space to write it  all down.  I continue this journey. 

The impact of all of this will be humans knowing that external forces are at play on them all the time, That A fog is not just a fog. I would hope that a child of the future would stare out over a lake instead of just seeing water they will see what binds that water together.
My ambitions are to have examinations in physics banned in all Irish schools.
I live by the code of the amateur “for the love of it”

Thanks you for reading my essay,  May the force be with you.
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