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About OwnersInc

Hey everyone. If you're here, then you're hopefully acquainted with my site, Re-Reads And Reviews. If you're not, go ahead and check it out - I'll wait.

I've been doing this blogging thing for a while now - more than two years now, in fact! I've always been a little shy about asking for money, which is really why it's taken me this long to set this all up. This Patreon campaign is purely to show support for the hard work and time I dedicate to this blog week in, week out. Any amount you can spare will be greatly appreciated - I mean it when I say that it really isn't about the amount you give.

What am I going to be doing with this money? Well, honestly, the money will go to keeping the site up my spirits high - two very worthy causes, I can assure you. I intend to keep the content on the site free to everyone and keep the ads to as much of a minimum as economically possible. Beyond that, I have big plans for this site for 2016 and beyond - the idea isn't just to create a website with content but to also slowly create a community around it. Your donations will help with all of that to an enormous extent. 
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Keep the blog up and running. Seriously, this is pretty much the bare minimum I need per month to keep this whole thing going. It includes hosting costs, domain name costs and just the various bits and pieces that pile up on a yearly basis.
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