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is creating Contemporary Dance in Columbus, Ohio
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Your 5.00 monthly donation gets you access to three photos of general rehearsals a month during the season. These are photos that won't get shared on facebook or other social media. These are just for Patreon.You will also get one BIG and heartfelt Facebook shout-out from Oyo Dance Company at the beginning of each season.
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About Oyo Dance Company

What does dance mean to you? To Oyo Dance Company, it means Motivation, Education, and Commitment.

Motivation: We look for dancers who want to excel, who want to push themselves to their artistic limits and then go further.

Education: We look to some of the best choreographers and dance teachers in the country to give our company an education on improving the techniques they know and developing new techniques to make them the most well-rounded dancers they can be. 

Commitment: Our dancers must show commitment to their craft. There is no such thing as half-way at Oyo Dance Company. Six days a week, they are refining technique and learning new choreography for the season. Our artistic staff, volunteers, and artisans are behind them every step of the way. We are all commited to creating original and exciting work for our community. 

Oyo believes in diversity of music, of dancer, of community. We believe in giving art to those who have not experienced the art of dance before. To do that, though, we need your support. 

All money from our patrons will go to dancer salaries, choreographer and teacher fees, venue rentals, costume design, advertising, and a multitude of other expenses that make a dance season happen. We have had many wonderful patrons these past two seasons, and they have helped us create so much. With your patronage, though, we can aim that much higher. We can bring our art to so much more of our community. 
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$500.00 per month will help us pay one company member's salary.
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