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Any Patron who pledges 1€ or more /month will automatically be entered into all giveaways that will occur here on Patreon !!
Furthermore, you will get priority answers from me for any questions you may have.
Thanks for your awesome support, it really helps.
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Any Patron who pledges 5€ or more /month will be featured in my special thanks in the next video.
As well as automatically gaining access to special giveaways !!
Thanks again for your awesome support, I really appreciate it <3
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Join in and be part of the Fun !!!

Any Patron who pledges 10€ or more /month will gain access to my Teamspeak 3 Server (The money from this pledge will always go into paying for the Server, and will therefore be dynamic, allowing for more slots), and will therefore be able to participate directly in my future videos when I chose some fans to play with !!
  • CS:GO Competitive
  • S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2
  • No More Room in Hell
  • The Hidden Source
  • Garry's Mod - Prop Hunt
  • Garry's Mod - Hide and Seek
  • Garry's Mod - Murder
  • Garry's Mod - Stop it Slender
  • etc ...

If you do wish to be part of my videos, please do make sure that you have either of the games I am playing on my channel and that I have listed above (Most are free to play).
This being the perfect way for me to interact with my community & fans ^^
As well as automatically gaining access to special giveaways !!

Love you all <3

PS: This pledge is limited to 20 slots for the moment, I will expand if more pledges occur.




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Hello there,

I'm P5ykoOHD, otherwise known as André Simonin, and I am currently a Game Master & Board Admin for the Game S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2, published by Gameforge (EU).

I am not here to ask for your money, nor will I ever make you pay to gain access to any of my content, however, I am trying to upgrade my computer in order to simply provide you with higher quality videos, be it game-play or tutorials.
What I currently wish to get is an MSI Gtx 960 4Gb Graphics Card, which will allow me to offer better service for you through 1080p 60Fps videos on a regular basis, recording with Shadowplay instead of Dxtory.
Then I would like to expand my storage and buy a couple Hard Drives. This will enable me to record everything I do, thus allowing for a much wider content sample to pick from when editing my videos. Which simply translates into more content for you to enjoy ^^

Any help you may be able to provide, be it merely 1€ /month will really, really be appreciated and will help a ton.

Other projects: (Once we get the ball rolling
  • Host some in-game events for you guys. We can interact with each-other directly and have fun. Moments which I will then upload to my channel, of course, for your viewing pleasure ;p
  • A Teamspeak 3 Server for all my Patrons to hang out together and partake in my videos. This being the only service to which only my Patrons will have access (Starting at 10€ pledges).
  • Monthly giveaways with the leftover money from the TeamSpeak 3 Server pledges. More information about this project in an upcoming video, so stay tuned. The more pledges I get, the more this project will benefit you the Patrons !!

Even if you can't help me financially, you're still awesome for just stopping by, and I can only consider myself lucky to have you guys & girls watching my content. Thanks again <3

Best regards,
$0 of $230 per month
Once I reach the set amount of 230€: I will purchase more Storage to record more.
WD Black 4To
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