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  • "Sproles" Tier as while smaller than some other options, still makes you a legend and fan favourite of PaPa c4
  • Access to ALL exclusive Patreon content; The Podc4st, Custom Madden 19 content (Rosters/Leagues), Content Polls and Stream Priority
  • Your name will show up in the support section that will be in EVERY videos description
Jake Elliott Tier
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  • You bang in 61 yarders like no ones business
  • Same Perks as previous tier +
  • Access to Patreon Exclusive Video Content
  • Access to the Standard Fantasy Football League (First come, First serve basis, so no guarantee you'll be included)
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  • "Cox" Tier is very valuable and would never be traded to draft Mariota.
  • Same Perks from Previous Tiers +
  • YouTube/Twitch Stream Mod Privileges* [*can't break chat rules]
  • Access to the Standard Fantasy Football League / Potential Entry To Premier Fantasy League




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About c4

It's been a passion of mine to create a place on YouTube for football fans to hang out, watch some video games and engage with each other and for the past 6 years I've been trying my best to give you guys some unique Madden content and constant football discussions.

Having the opportunity to provide for my family by creating content on YouTube is a reality, but YouTube giveth and taketh depending on the month and having a patreon will not only help add stability, but also some dope perks for you guys that enjoy my videos.

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