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About Poets In Autumn

The Poets In Autumn Tour is a tour that features the top Christian spoken word artists in the nation. Each artist features has created their own demand and have reached millions online utilizing the vehicle of spoken word to convey hard hitting transparent messages that challenge and encourage audiences. Poets in Autumn Tour also know as the PIA Tour debuted in the fall of 2015. Since then they have partnered with Kingdom Promotions to serve over 75,000 people world wide over seeks to engage culture using spoken word, and expose a people of all backgrounds to the hope of the gospel through this unique art form.

PIA is also an entity that seeks out marginalized young people in society and shows them how to express themselves artistically through spoken word poetry. We desire to provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers the technical nuances of writing poetry to the necessary elements that make for strong performances. We seek to train young people with this powerful tool as well as encourage them to use their new found abilities to inspire and teach other young people to command language and express themselves in ways that inspire those around them.

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