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About Portland Indie Game Squad

Welcome to our Patreon Page!

PIGSquad is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting game development and indie game enthusiasts in Portland, OR. We organize game related events, networking opportunities, resources, and more.

Since 2011, PIGSquad has substantially increased collaborative, skill development, and financial opportunities for student, hobbyist, and professional game developers. We continue to do so with support from volunteer organizers, community partners, and low-cost options for space, food, tech, and advertising. But as our community continues to grow, we need your help to grow along with it.

How Patreon works with PIGSquad

For PIGSquad, Patreon acts as optional “membership dues,” letting PIGSquad partners, collaborators, sponsors, and fans contribute to our community and support the hard work it takes to bring these events to life. With your help, we can make amazing things happen!

Become a patron to give art and technology creatives in the PIGSquad community more access to game development resources so they can do what they do best!

Our Events

PIGSquad hosts meetups, game jams, expos, workshops, film screenings, and more! These happen at least three times each month, and almost everything is completely free of charge and open to the public; you aren’t required to support through Patreon to participate, though we certainly would appreciate it!

Currently, PIGSquad is entirely volunteer-based, and other event-related costs are sourced from sponsors or covered by a small number of people who contribute on a per-event basis. Sustainable funding from your support means that PIGSquad members and organizers don’t have to go out-of-pocket for event rentals, equipment, food, and other services necessary to make our events comfortable, convenient, and appealing to new and returning community members. When we’re able to surpass the support we need to maintain events, we have lots of plans for funding equipment to loan, larger events, and special projects!

Thank you!

Now that PIGSquad is a 501(c)3, donations through Patreon are tax deductible!

To learn more about the PIGSquad community, visit PIGSquad.com.
We also have a Facebook group and a dedicated Slack.
$1,035 of $1,300 per month
Licensed Music for Community Streamers: We're focusing a little bit more on streaming of late! When streaming, people on Twitch are only allowed to use licensed or original music when waiting for a stream to start, chatting, or providing other non-game content. At this goal, we'll work to create a library of community-made music that PIGSquad members can use for free when they stream, which will also be used for when people watch PIGSquad's stream!
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