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per Design and Development
I will create a Pixel Art character (similar to the ones in Trap Dat Ninja) for you. You can use it for a Logo, Website, Wallpaper, etc. as long as it's not for anything political, obscene or to promote hate/propaganda against any social demographic (race, religion, etc). Just contact me if you have any questions.

Also will include it in any Game/App our Company will produce, at you discretion.
per Design and Development
You will have access to every Game/App/Content Produced by PIOSystems for the next 5 Years!  That include any Promo Items/Merchandise that may come along with it! Plus have access to everything in the $100 Tier Reward! 
per Design and Development
Will develop your very own Game - I will design, code, create you a Mid Level, 2-D Game (such as a side-scroller, runner, shooter,etc) for you to use a Mobile, Flash or Html Application.  1 - 25 game characters Max, and 1 - 10 Stages.  Again, email me with any details or ideas.




per Design and Development


Hi, I'm a Mobile App/Indie Game Developer and Digital Media Artist/Designer trying to raise capital for my Digital Media Company, PIOSystems.  I have two games (one complete, another near completion) and a few more in the art/concept/design stage.  

My Webpage:

But it's really difficult getting license fees, tech equipment, etc. to bring these games/apps to the mass public.  So any patronage that comes thru will go to the continue development of future Games, Apps tech equipment, programs or any other technology my company will work on or need to create these projects.   Also any fees that comes with attending Tech/App conferences, travel, exhibts, showcases, etc.

I also have ideas for Tech Workspace, Merchandise/Promo/Licensing related to Mobile App IP's (T-Shirts, TV/Web shows, etc) and a possible e-Sports Team (Competitive Gaming).

So check out my current Projects and Thanks for all the support!
$0 of $55,555 per Design and Development
UPDATE: I've decided to reopen my PIOSystems Patreon page...I came so far in this journey, now just gotta get over this hump in order to successfully launch my biz properly.  I have alot of conferences, showcases and seminars to attend, so please show your support.  Thanks everyone!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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