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About Anthony C

First let me thank you for visiting my Patreon page

I'm the #1 Social Media Streamer in the World.

My Name Is Anthony C.  Im a big Media/Tech Nerd. I've been into Technology for as long as i can remember to point i remember my 6th Christmas when my 4 year old Brother got a Nintendo Entertainment System & i got a Bike. i was upset to say the least. Laugh out loud. I mean a 4 year old with advanced gizmo. How can he know how to use it right? well Iv'e never stopped & went all 3 years of high school in video productions or electronic media. (it took me 3 years to graduate second try)
Photography, Drafting, Welding, Auto Cad, Ag Farm, & many other electives i did while attending Fillmore High School in Fillmore, CA.and helped build FHN news channel & set in studio plus most of graphics teacher didn't even know on computer. He also hepled local broadcasting channel & went to Help on a few visits. Great Teacher. Thanks Mr Houser.
Graduation 1999 last class of the 20th century.
now 1 and half years later of community college in various courses but Major was Film/Radio/TV but life & school weren't paying bills so my passion became my hobby and eventually nothing but memory. 

So in September 2001 is all i need to say changed everything we thought was important and to find out its nothing in the BIG picture. 
"Life moves really fast. if you don't stop and look around, it will pass you by"
a quote from Ferris Bullers Day Off.

Back in the 90s n early 2000s internet wasn't as accessible as it was today and editing software back then was impossible to get without going in debt. 

Today anyone with cell phone can do most of the things most studio production software does.

Plus its way Easier...

Well today's 4 year old is your next technical Wizard. The info passed down to our kids is showing how far and fast Multimedia is being served. 

i never stopped self teaching myself over the years that i was coding Myspace before i knew it and before anyone knew it.(well most)
i'm first person to post I-film videos of funniest videos anywhere since i knew how to transfer n share things before all WWW.anything wars n policy to govern it. iv'e seen it all from comfort of home while continuing to learn & life has brought me full circle & time to use all the time and effort into life making me do but now its what i want to do & like to do.

This page is for anyone who cant or don't have the resources to make their own pages & channels,video's,movies,etc.

As this production Bizz grows you can help build a Community of like minded individuals and or groups who want to say or express themselves.


if you need to go that route then this is not a page for you. Gamer,Social Star,Adventurer,Gardener, any we will help you.
I'm looking for people who want to be part of this journey. please help support this channel & lets make history of how all info is sent out.

With that being said i want to thank you and hope we can build a fantastic page to help everyone.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts