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About Premature Mental Scarring

Premature mental scarring is an Irish gaming collective of like minded, over opinionated eejits. Specialising in the fine art of bastardry, well versed in general gobshitery and dedicated to the prolonged pilgrimage to birthplace of banter... seshlehem.

Firstly we just want to say thank you. It's your support that allows us to push forward and pursue this endeavour. You are helping support our business and families. Without you we couldn't afford our equipment and running costs and provide you with the content you love... Okay then, like. Fiiiine, don't hate. We're ever so grateful for you putting up with us!

Our goal is to keep on releasing our gaming videos and comedy shorts for as long as you'll keep watching them. While keeping you updated with the comings and goings of our team with various podcasts and streams. We're hoping with your support we can expand and afford to dedicate more time to producing our own mentally scarred content en masse.

As a company we want to offer work to some great artists, animators and creators who, otherwise have to leave the emerald Isle in search of work elsewhere. We have lost countless unique talents simply because they are unable to find work, here in their home country. We want them to at least have the option to stay closer to their friends and family. Otherwise as we have seen in many cases, they have ended up stuck in a minimum wage job, having the joy sucked out of them and wasting such beautiful talent. We here at Premature Mental Scarring feel like that is a crime.

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