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I love to build LEGO sets. I love to make videos and films.

One day it *clicked* like a LEGO piece... I should record my LEGO builds!

So that's why I'm here... I'm looking for support to help make these videos, especially as I build a following, expand my equipment, acquire sets, and figure out what kinds of videos I want to make, in addition to the LEGO Speed Build videos that I've already been doing.

Some future thoughts:
- MOC build videos
- Reviews and set comparisons
- Group builds for large sets

I'm aiming to share the fun of building with other LEGO fans and share a bit of the behind the scenes process that goes into each video and more.

Take a peak behind the digital curtain and get some awesome rewards in the process!

Thank you and let's have some fun with LEGOs!
PNW Lego Guy

(The PNW stands for Pacific Northwest. I live in Seattle.)
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  • Access to the my patron-only feed. Keep up with my build videos as I go. Gain access to photos and posts that are only available on my feed.
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  • Pull up a seat on your double-decker couch and get early access to all of my videos. I'll post them for you when they're done, not when I release them (which is typically on Saturdays).
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  • Let's get groovin' and you'll be invited to occasional Q&A sessions here on Patreon when I have the time.
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  • Everything is awesome when you gain access to polls to vote on what set I should build and/or buy next.
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  • Get cuckoo! Want to give me ideas for MOCs or make special requests? This is the tier for you!
  • Photos and instructions to any MOCs I build
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  • Your name as Executive Producer on all future videos. It will appear in on the end screen or somewhere creative and noticeable depending on the video.
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  • The Special will get a 1-on-1 Q&A/brainstorm session with me per month here on Patreon. We'll discuss builds, MOCs, and all things LEGO. (Probably live while I'm building a set.)
  • Your name will be more prominent in the credits of my videos and you will be listed as The Special. Obviously. 
  • I will link to an all audiences appropriate site/url of your choice in all future video descriptions. (I reserve veto rights on the link you provide, but you can always suggest another!)
  • I will mail you (and only you) a random, legit LEGO minifigure every month!
  • All of the previous rewards!
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When I reach 50 patrons, I'll do a very special LEGO speed build video of something cool just for patrons!
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