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About Purple Star Veterans and Families

Supporting Healthy Transitions from Military Service and Honoring the Fallen

Background: Purple Star Veterans and Families (PSVF) was Co-founded in 2004 as the Veterans and Families Foundation (EIN 20-2888521) by Danny Facto, a Purple Heart Recipient/OEF Army Combat Veteran and his father, John Henry Parker, a former peacetime Marine. In 2009 Danny was killed in a high speed “adrenaline-seeking” motorcycle accident. He suffered from the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. Shortly after Danny’s death, Purple Star was created as a project of the Veterans and Families Foundation to honor and support Veterans and families in transition and to honor the families of those Service Members and Veterans who are not surviving their transition due to suicide, adrenaline seeking accidents, drugs and alcohol. In 2015, the name Veterans and Families Foundation was formally changed to Purple Star Veterans and Families.

Who We Serve:

  • Pre-separating U.S. active duty military personnel and Veterans and families of all eras transitioning from military service
  • Families and friends of active duty military and Veterans of all eras who have died from suicide, high speed vehicular accidents, drugs and alcohol

The Problems We Want to Solve:

The families of fallen Military personnel and Veterans who die from suicide, high speed adrenaline seeking accidents, drugs and alcohol share a common question: How could we have prevented this?
With 22 Veterans per day dying from suicide and an untold number of deaths from motorcycle and vehicular accidents, drugs and alcohol as a result of service-related trauma there is an epidemic with no end in sight unless a new course of action is created. Purple Star believes there are two factors driving these alarming circumstances:

1. Military and Veterans who need help the most are reluctant or incapable of asking for help for many reasons that are termed “Barriers to Care”. These are:

  • Warrior Culture, or a fear of being stigmatized as weak or inferior by peers and superiors for seeking help
  • Fear of having documentation for seeking help in military and medical records that could jeopardize current status, future promotions, civilian jobs and security clearances
  • A strong reluctance to share difficult or unresolved experiences with non-Veteran mental health professional

2. A critical but missing dimension of self-help, personal development training and support that is does not currently exist during the pre and post separation period for all military personnel (regardless of rank) to better prepare them to successfully transition home to civilian family life, education, employment and community.

How Purple Star’s Program Intends to Help:

Purple Star believes that what is desperately needed in addition to continued improvements to existing pre-and post separation training is a highly relevant, self-help, personal development approach that assists military personnel and Veterans of all eras, as well as their families. 

Purple Star’s program uses specially-designed tools and trained Peer Advisors to help each client to re-define themselves as a civilian and/or family member in four critical areas:

  • Identity: Considering how you view yourself and how the others view you
  • Mission: Aligning with an assignment or charge determined by one’s self or assigned by others
  • Meaning: Finding a sense of significance in the world that your life matters
  • Purpose: Re-discovering a sense of determination and resolve that is congruent with one’s identity, meaning and mission

Additionally, Purple Star's program honors and memorializes Service Members and Veterans who have died from suicide, high speed vehicular accidents, drugs and alcohol due to service-related trauma; while supporting and connecting their families.

All proceeds will directly fund Purple Star's program and operating costs.
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