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In addition to the monthly episodes, you'll get to do a lot of the work for us! Only members of this tier will get to ask us questions to appear in our Q&A episodes, and only members of this tier will get to suggest and vote on topics for shows.
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About Pardon the Pixie Dust

Greetings fellow pixie dusters! As we're sure you're aware we began a podcast a few years back that took the internet by storm. No, not storm...drizzle? Anyway, we're back thanks to all of you.

Our patrons are what have brought us back from the depths of despair (a.k.a. theme park forums) and put us behind microphones once again. Sure we have a few episodes per year that are free for all, but you all know that we're only giving 75% for those. These are the real ones.

For patronizing us, you will receive wonders such as monthly regular episodes, getting to ask us questions, Burgan Art (TM), and maybe even some live performances someday.

Thank you all.

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