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Thanks for believing in me c:
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  • Dawg. I thank you. I'm 1/21 of the way to that greasy slice of heaven.
  • You get your name or whatever fake name you like at the end slate of my videos
  • Also welcome to our Discord my dawg. Come hang with the best of 'em.
  • Early access to videros! How early? Depends on how behind I am get off my back.
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  • Makin' it rain on me homeslice!
  • To show my appreciation you get all of the previous rewards mentioned plus
  • You can also now add suggestions of topics for us to tackle in videos.
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  • Now you're just being silly, come on
  • All previous rewards plus
  • I will get shitfaced and write you a personal thank you. I heard thank you cards are nice, but what's nicer than a poorly worded thank you card? Nothing. The answer to that question is nothing.
  • (Note: I can only ship within the U.S. Please provide an email address if you wish for a digital copy of said card)
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About Pacifist Run

Boy howdy jeeze, I'm making a Patreon. This is weird. My name is Kevin, I run the Pacifist Run YouTube Channel. I'm a writer, musician, and amateur video gameologist.

I started this channel in jest in like November 2016 I think- and in March I started working on some videos that I was passionate about to- not a whole lot of avail, but the videos were well put together and I was proud of them!

The following June I started cranking out some speculation videos on Life is Strange: Before the Storm and I got a pretty positive response from these. I've been fortunate enough to monetize these videos on YouTube which is super cool! Some people have expressed the desire to donate, which is also super cool! So I decided to make a Patreon.

And then I decided to write the "Who I am" section. I needed to start with a humbling phrase like "Boy howdy, jeeze, I'm making a Patreon" to highlight my humanity in a cold and calculating marketing decision. It worked. I continued writing about the grass roots success to further endear the reader to me.

Afterward I decided to write a meta passage about my contemplating what to write in the "Who I am" section of Patreon in order to attempt to get a laugh out of the reader.

It didn't work.
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It has long been a dream of mine to accumulate $21 a month to have my preferred large pizza delivered (Grilled Chicken and Banana Peppers). This will cover the expenses of the cheese, sauce, bread, delivery fee which as of recently has been unjustly raised to $3.15, and a nice tip for the delivery child. With your help I can achieve this heartburn inducing wayward dream.

Any excess money will go to better equipment, and living expenses. The less time I spend working to support myself the more time I can spend making content for you lovely people.
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