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Access to my Patreon only blog where I will upload weekly updates about my life, and i'm sure my cats will make it in there as well. Also if you pledge to this teir you will be able to vote for animals for me to draw for the Exclusive Patreon animal for that month. 
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Exclusive scans of my sketchbook where some derps and masterpieces happen on a daily basis. 

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Monthly Post-cards (6 X 6) of a surprise animal. Might also include some homemade stickers if I have them at that time.

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About PaintedCreatures

Hello New Friends,

So first things first, THANK-YOU SO MUCH for viewing my Patreon. I cant tell you how much it means to me. My name is Adrianna. My full time job is working for my Dad designing houses and drafting corperate buildings all from the confort of our own home. So those Amazon wharehouses you see poping up in your neighborhood, there is a good chance my Dad and I had a hand in the drafting of it. I love my job and am good at it but my true passion is painting. 

This is what I want to share with you new friends, my passion for painting. It as always been passionete about paintng even when I was a kid. My Grandma who is now 85, she taught me how to paint when I was just a small child. I never stopped. Watercolor is my passion and I have worked for so many years to get to where I am. Thank you once again for joining me on this next step of my journy. 

Animals and just so fun to paint, I can express my personality and creativity so much through paintings of animals. I also love to paint flowers and peoples pets. The reactions people have to their pet portraits is just the greatest experience to me. 

Art is not my full-time job, but every little bit counts. I would love at one point be able to produce my own prints and stickers. Also would love to afford more unique pigments. I want to be able one day to balance my two loves, drafting and painting.

Thanks for making it this far, 
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Jeez if we would reach this my mind would be blown. But if we do I will find one of my old sketchbooks form highschool and share it with you guys. 
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