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Thank you for supporting me!

I am startig a new project and will be reorganizing the tiers and all the other stuff.

The project is related to digital art and Artificial Intelligence, the first being my hobby, and the other being my work.  The codename for the project is "The Artificial Creativity Project". The output will be published here as a series of artwork created by me in "co-authorship" with the Neural Network I'm currently training.

Though I've done some interresting stuff in the area of Machine Learning and Computer Vision before, I'm only doing my first steps in this project. Your support at this only stage will indicate  the interest to what I'm doing and will help me put more efforts to the project knowing that someone is waiting for the resuls.

There will be now other support tiers until I get the first results, which I can publish. What I ask is only an indication of your support and interest.

Thank you! 




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About Alex Kachur

Hey! Welcome to my Patreon page!

I am a Data Scientist and I train AI at work. But that's not why I'm here. I really love drawing and I spend all my spare time creating the artwork, which I'm now willing to share with people.

I am a newcomer here and I would love to communicate with anyone who has anythyng to say about the works I post. I am open to critique as it is the best skill booster for a self-taught artist. And of course, if you need my advize I'm here to help.

Becoming a Patreon

If you feel you could support my work, please concider becoming a Patreon. I can offer a few interesting benefits in return:
  • You will have access my drafts and sketches.
  • You will be able to paticipate in the creation of new artwork with you critique and suggestions.
  • Early access to the new artwork.
  • Access to high resolution images (typical resolution is at least 8000x5000)
  • Anything else? Let me know!
I'm not drawing for money but your support will help me feel that I am on the right path in improving my art skills and sharing more high-quality artwork with you!
Your support is highly appreciated!

You can also visit my page at DeviantArt. Thank you for checking out my page!
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So, this is my first goal. For me reaching that goal will mean that my artwork is not only the way to express myself but also the way the reach the best parts (as I believe and hope) of other people's souls and make the world just a little bit better with the positive energy that I pass to the artwork.

For the patrons who contributed to acheiving that goal this will be a very special present made individually for each of you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post