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Hey! Thanks for supporting me and my work. For you, a pencil sketch of your wildest dreams, (no background).
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Your support is motivating me to work and practice more! For that, I thank you, and offer up a digital sketch of your wildest dreams, (no background).
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Thank you, truly. Your support is fantastic and I can't be more appreciative. Finished line art of anything, on either digital or traditional mediums, (no background).
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About PainterlyPurple

Help me as I work through my art career. From charcoal to digital, studies to OCs, I intend to master all sorts of art! Your support helps me with tuition aid and miscellaneous expenses brought about by daily life. In return, I offer up commissions and what you, the supporter, want me to create!

I understand if you cannot support me financially, but there are others way you can help.

Signal boost my Patreon. Every bit helps, and if you could spread my work around, and what I intend to create, I will forever be grateful. If you think that someone else would enjoy my work, suggest me!

Encourage me to work! I have Instagram, (forestpurple_) and Tumblr, (painterlypurpledraws) and I love receiving small suggestions for work. They also help to break art blocks. You can also follow me and watch as my work progresses!

If you are a supporter, I can't thank you enough. Would you like your work sent to you or an address of your choosing? Please let me know when I contact you for more information. I'd be happy to send your work to you.
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College is expensive, and cracking your work computer screen does not help. $100 would help alleviate the cost of repairs, and send me back into my digital work.
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