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Those who want to show support and get a little back for that love.

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- A 1-time use 10% off coupon which can be used on any one listing in my Etsy store. 

- A monthly look into the studio. This will be sent out monthly and contain either a photo, photos, or a video behind-the-scenes look at the studio, how it is running and updates. See where all the magic happens! 

- Your name publicly displayed on our list of patrons which will be displayed on our DeviantArt and FB pages for as long as you remain a patron. Additionally, a special one-time welcome post will be posted on our twitter, facebook feed, and deviantart feed upon your arrival. This is an optional reward and patrons may choose to opt out of this if they wish to remain anonymous. Patrons may also choose a name they want displayed.

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A true fan of our studio.

All in this tier will include everything listed in previous tier plus: 

- A monthly sneak peek of proto-types, upcoming works, plans, and ideas, etc. See what we’re developing before anyone else does! 

- A list of cons we’ve applied to and/or are accepted to before they are announced publicly. Plan your con visit well in advance and find us for con-only merch and savings!

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A tier for those who are truly dedicated to helping the studio bring even more works to life. 

All in this tier will include everything in the previous tiers plus:

- A personal thank you message sent monthly to thank you for your dedication and help bringing these works to life.

- An entry into the monthly giveaway. This giveaway will vary by month and be based on how many patrons in this tier or higher exist. These may include custom commissions, pre-existing items from the shop, prints, digital works, custom hand-made traditional works, etc. It will be a new surprise monthly.

Those who are patrons of our next tier up, Inner-Circle, will receive monthly updates with what the next month’s giveaway will be. A personal address will be required for this tier and all higher tiers so givaways can be shipped to winners.



About Happy Dookers by PakajunaTufty

Happy Dookers is an independent art studio based in Canton, Ohio by artist PakajunaTufty. Previously known as Pastel Kitten Studios, Happy Dookers is a fresh new face on an old art studio.
We specialize in a variety of artworks which range from digital to traditional and are best known for our textile works which include fan-inspired works as well as original content.
We have been seen in many artist alleys at conventions all across the eastern coast of the USA and look forward to continuing this venture after a short hiatus. We hope our past fans and new fans continue to enjoy our ever-evolving works within the studio and appreciate questions, comments, constructive critiques, and support.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts